Aims and Scope

This journal tends to publish accounting interdisciplinary research and other applied and theoretical studies in the field of accounting and public sector finance including professional ethics, budgeting, products and services cost accounting, human resources and intellectual capital accounting, management accounting, accounting and financial reporting, internal auditing and its functions, independent audit and attestation to financial statements performance measurement, social accounting, environmental accounting, financial management, and accounting information systems.

In this journal, all papers would be published after peer review and being approved by the editorial board.  Papers would be reviewed based on the importance of their topic and how much their materials are essential to the scientific community, to what extent presenting theories, models and innovative hypotheses, author’s scientific reasoning on subject matter and obtaining a result, being the search method and statistical analysis techniques proportionate to the subject matter and hypotheses, the quality of suggestions and solutions offered in the paper, and using credible, relevant and sufficient resources.